Talent Pool - Drilling Engineer - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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Job description

Support & assist Senior Drilling Engineer with all aspects of drilling engineering works for successful, cost effective and safe implementation of COMPANY exploration wells.

Responsibilities and assignments

  1. Responsible for all well engineering related matters throughout the well planning and construction;
  2. Coordination and preparation of the Drilling Program, cost estimates and AFE;
  3. Evaluate offset well data and build correlation packages;
  4. Monitor daily drilling operations by actively participation on the operation team;
  5. Interact daily with service companies to ensure safe and efficient well construction as planned;
  6. Review bridging documents;
  7. Keep drilling management advised on progress of drilling activities;
  8. Coordinate all necessary permitting requirements;
  9. Prepare work scope and evaluate technical and commercial selection of service providers and equipment;
  10. Enforce operational, safety, and environmental policies and procedures;
  11. Review and provide feedback on vendor invoices;
  12. Improve drilling efficiency through the application of the state-of-the-art technology in all facets of the operations;
  13. Improve drilling efficiency by conducting innovative studies and lessons learnt mechanism and the application of specific recommendations based on the studies and lessons learnt;
  14. Reduce non-productive time and operations cost by identifying problem areas, analyze non-productive time trends and recommend remedial action;
  15. Review, analyze and modify base requirement for the scope of work and technical specifications for the tender packages to be in line with project requirement and meeting the minimum cost concept and HSE requirement;
  16. Ensure that all well documentation is organized during and at the end of drilling operations.

Requirements and qualifications


  • Minimum a B.S. degree in Engineering;
  • Five (5) years of experience in drilling engineering and operation with minimum 5 years’ experience in drilling operation;
  • Availability to go to rig site as required;
  • Full knowledge of the Landmark drilling package;
  • Familiar floater drilling rig units;
  • Fluent in English;
  • BOSIET and IWCF level 4 certification.

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