Talent Pool - Drilling Material Coordinator (Offshore) - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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Job description

Physically receipt of all materials, equipment from supply base against outbound manifest and flight manifest, coding and store properly at the right places for drilling activities.

Responsibilities and assignments

  1. Coordinate with third party engineers to receive their materials/equipment, keep tracking and record of all incoming materials;
  2. Coordinate with shore base logistics, marine coordinator, helicopter coordinator and materials coordinator on materials/equipment enquiries, under Lookahead and drilling supervisor's approval;
  3. Prepare return materials, equipment to shore base, issue Inbound manifest and send to shore base attention upon vessel departure;
  4. Day to day issue and keep tracks of materials/ equipment on board;
  5. Ensure that all Dangerous Goods are packed and handled in accordance with appropriate regulations;
  6. Day to day reconcile with shore base materials coordinator on materials movements, transactions;
  7. Reconcile with Well engineers and finance department on materials usage, transaction when required;
  8. Carry out physical stock check at random, well ends or monthly as required by logistics supervisor and finance department, maintain all filling on both hard copies and soft copies for retrievable and audit purposes;
  9. Manage the handling, including lifting of equipment and Material to promote safe and efficient handling;
  10. Ensure all cargo receipts and returns are done in safe manner and comply strictly with HSE policy, guidance.

Requirements and qualifications


  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in Oil and Gas field;
  • Minimum three (3) years as Drilling Material Coordinator;
  • Candidate experienced working with established operator and has good performance report;
  • Experience working with COMPANY will be an advantage;
  • Possess valid OPITO BOSIET certification;
  • Show experience in all aspects of logistics offshore i.e loading, lifting, HSE activities, etc;
  • Good English proficiency;
  • Possess basic computer skills (MS Office or equivalent). 

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